A bid placed on Eden Hazard by Newcastle United

Football happens to be one of the sports loved by many and some have a passion for this sport. Known to be a sport played on foot, football is a sport in which teams attempt to get a ball into a goal or a zone defended by the other team. Some clubs do place their players on a bid.

Things you need to know about Eden Hazard 

Playing football is a passion and some people are so committed to this cause and are giving in their very best to this cause. Eden Hazard is the captain of the Belgium national team, a Real Madrid club footballer click on this site https://manutdnews.net/ for more details. He plays as a winger or an attacking midfielder and he is known to be one of the best players of his generation. He has won so many awards and this passionate player is still pressing forward in his profession and desiring greater accomplishments.  

Reasons for tabling a bid on Eden Hazard 

Newcastle United FC planning ahead of January transfer market tabled a bid for Eden Hazard. This club is facing a regulation battle and will be prompted to bring a new face to the club so as to strengthen the clubs’ team for the second half of the season. At the moment, the sticking point is £42m and that is the amount Real Madrid hopes to receive but Newcastle made a bid of £34.6m to sign Eden Hazard. Eden Hazard, however, desires to be in a top club and that is his pursuit. This makes it tough for him to be persuaded to join a club with a low level in the football line or a club without any victory record and at the bottom of the Premier League. So many football clubs are planning for the January players transfer and so many bidding ongoing but Newcastle United FC might stand a chance bidding the popular player Eden Hazard.