All about the new VisiTax for Mexico

Today, the new state tourist tax known as VisiTax is imposed on anyone aged 4 or more who visits the state of Quintana Roo.  Find out in this article what you need to know about the new VisiTax for Mexico.


Created by the Mexican state of Quintana Roo in April 2021, Visitax is a new tax that applies to all foreign visitors, with a scholarship that helps raise funds for local tourism.  By going to Visitax you will discover more details. It indexes foreign travelers who wish to glance at one of the tourist horizons of Quintana Roo, such as the island of Cozumel, Cancun or Tulum. This is a new tourist tax that extends even to those traveling for health, education, business or other purposes. All age categories are included, with the exception of children under four.  It should be noted that this formality, ie VisiTax is mandatory for all foreign visitors to the State.  This is also why travelers are often asked to present proof of payment before leaving Quintana Roo. Lovers of tourist adventures in destination of Quintana RooAdults and travelers in transit or for professional reasons are also concerned by this formality.

Pay the Visitax and get payment confirmation

The application and payment of the tourist tax takes less than 5 minutes.  To do this, you simply need a valid passport, an email address and a credit card or PayPal account to get started. After completing the formality, you will receive confirmation of payment via your email address within five minutes of the transaction. You must then keep a copy of the payment paper with the travel documents to present it at the appropriate time as proof. Finally, this is a new tax implemented for international travelers over 4 years old wishing to visit one of the tourist attractions of Quintana Roo.