How do I choose my PC battery?

Laptops are indispensable computer tools these days. They are fully mobile and consist of several essential components. The battery is one of the components of the computer that allows it to be functional. How to choose your battery for pc? Details

Battery voltage

The voltage of the battery for laptop apple is one of the parameters to take into account when choosing its battery. Depending on the energy requirement of the computer, it is equipped with 10.8 v or 14.4 v batteries. In addition, the most common batteries are 10.8 v and they have 6 cells unlike 14.4 v batteries which have 8 cells. The voltage of the battery depends on the number of cells it contains. The higher the voltage or the number of cells, the more the battery voltage increases. In addition, the installation of a voltage battery that does not correspond to that of the computer would cause the computer to malfunction. So you have to check the voltage of the battery which is written on the signpost sticker with the voltage index.

Battery capacity

The capacity of a battery is also one of the elements to check when choosing your pc. Often expressed in milliampere hours (mAh) or watts hour (Wh), the capacity of a battery informs about battery life. So the higher the Wh, the longer the battery can power the computer. The capacity of frequently used batteries is 4400 mAh or 48 Wh which correspond to 6 cells or 10.8 V with an autonomy of 2 hours. But this capacity is not always satisfactory and it is possible to increase the battery life just by increasing the number of cells. On the other hand, the increase in the number of cells leads to the enlargement of the battery which does not necessarily correspond to the original one.

battery weight

The weight of the battery should be considered, because the more powerful you want a computer, the larger the battery will be. Battery cells are like small batteries that power it. And a standard computer has 6 cells, which can be increased to expand the battery life capacity. The larger the capacity, the more the weight of the battery increases and the disadvantage is that it will not necessarily be adapted to the weight expected for your laptop. So the choice of battery also depends on its weight.