How to recover effectively after a sports session?


Whatever the type of exercise, cycling, jogging, weight training... there are simple and healthy habits to speed up your recovery. That's what this article is all about, describing how with just 4 good routines you can recover effectively.

Eat foods rich in sugars and proteins

Food is an important part of the recovery phase. In order to perform well during your sports sessions, the body draws energy from muscle and liver reserves. Eating foods rich in fructose and glucose is therefore essential to compensate for the energy expenditure. However, you must do so in moderation. To find out more about the standards to be respected, consult this company website.

Stretching and resting

Have you just worked your muscles? What better way to soothe and relax them than with a good stretch and massage? Although there are many positions to choose from, you should always make sure you adopt the right postures and follow the recommendations of health professionals.

For a thorough recovery, you should give yourself a long sleep. This is essential for the regeneration of muscle fibres that takes place at rest. So sleep at the right time for your physical well-being.

Rehydrate with water and fruit

During intense sporting activity, the body sweats a lot to eliminate toxins. The body loses water, minerals, sugar and many other nutrients in order to detoxify effectively. To compensate for this, it is necessary to drink a large amount of water during sports activity.

Furthermore, once the sports sessions are over, it is essential to hydrate in order to evacuate lactic acid, urea and all the other toxins that have been stored during the sessions. Rehydration allows the body to provide the muscles with glycogen and sugar. It is therefore recommended that you drink about 1.5 li of alkaline water after an exercise session.