Some steps to create a chatbot for free

Today, the field of marketing has seen a lot of growth. To succeed in this sector requires the use of a chatbot. It is a computer conversation tool that ensures the first contact with the visitors of your platform. Many people do not know that you can create a chatbot for free. Discover in this article some steps to create a chatbot for free.

Define the domain of the chatbot

In the past, creating a chatbot was not free. But now we have the possibility to create this tool for free. Indeed, to create a chatbot for free, the first thing to do is to determine the areas of intervention of the chatbot, check this useful reference for more information. This is the step that leads to defining the conditions of use of the software you want to create. For example, you can program it to answer questions related to prices and services, requests related to the processing of an order, or in case of loss of an invoice, requests for a duplicate invoice. 
In addition, it should be noted that the conditions must be defined taking into account your expectations and needs. And to make your software active, it is important to expand the domain so that it can be able to satisfy the majority of customers. 

Shaping the discussion

It is not enough to define the key conditions in which the chatbot will act to affirm the free nature of its creation. In addition, you need to give a form to the conversation it will lead with the customers. Generally, companies prefer a conversation bubble. However, others prefer the conversation to be full screen. In any case, the form does not prevent the chatbot from responding quickly. It is up to you to choose the form you want.
To conclude, the creation of a chatbot can be done for free. It also allows you to have more conversations on your platform. You just need to clarify the conditions of intervention of your bot and then give it a form of discussion.