Why choose KoDDoS to weaken DDoS attacks in 2022

Do you own a website or network for your business ? Did you know that there are things like DDoS attacks that can disrupt your business? Following this article, find out what a DDoS attack is and the ways KoDDoS weakens these attacks.

The DDoS attack

If you do business on the internet, you will absolutely need ddos protection for your site or network. Today, DDoS attack is the most dangerous form of cybercrime, as it will make you lose several millions. To be more explicit, this kind of attack paralyzes your entire system by overloading it with malicious requests. It is this state of affairs that will prevent your customers from accessing your site and launching any kind of order. As far as the networks are concerned, with the bandwidth being overloaded, there is a widespread outage.

DDDoS mitigation

For your online business, what matters most is that no DDoS attack can interrupt its business. Therefore, the KoDDoS framework has the right technology that will undoubtedly protect your system from all types of attacks; even the most difficult to detect. In fact, a vast 550 Gbps protection network will be set up to quickly detect and considerably mitigate the evolution of the attack in less than a few milliseconds. The attack in question will not even have time to reach your company to damage it. This means that your company is optimally protected with KoDDoS. So you have nothing to worry about!

Expert Analysis

KoDDos structure has experts and qualified personnel available 24/7 to ensure your company's server is protected online. DDoS attacks that will hover around your system don't stand a chance against our team. You can also benefit from customized protection.